Tradebrz partners with a passive equity fund based in London.


Risk averse, this fund invests in long term projects preferably with no exiting clauses, offering an attractive package of benefits.


Different from other funds, its priority is the long term commitment, not valuation of shares in the short term.


Projects need to have long term contracts (ideally more than 20 years) in US$, Euro or Yen. 


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Castlepines Equity






Tradebrz has been working since 2001, with top financial institutions in the USA to fund international companies interested in having access to financing supported by Federal Export Credit Agencies such as Eximbank, Hermes, Atradius, etc. 


PNC Bank ( and Tradebrz have been working together since 2003, offering medium term Eximbank credit insurance supported facilities to corporations such as Odebrecht, OAS, UTC, hospitals, clinics and medium and small size companies.


This facility is supported by Eximbank's credit insurance on the buyer and is good for operational fixed assets manufactrued and exported from the USA.


Examples of cases: aerial platforms, cranes, private jets, plastic injection equipment, labelling equipment, helicotpers, directional drilling equipment, NMRs, Linear Accelerators Equipment, PET CT Scans and many more...