Your Success - Background


Trade Promotion for Governmental Agencies:


Tradebrz is the first and only Trade and Investment Attraction Consulting Company with operations in 4 countries in South America. 


Tradebrz's expertise and network are unique in the industry, given the diversified industries and clients it has been serving for the past 14 years - Tradebrz has served more than 2800 companies and accounted for more than US$50 Million average/year in reported sales.


Leads Generation for Private Companies:


International corporations want to focus their calls on decision leaders and have short term sales results - Tradebrz delivers and exceeds corproations expectations. Based on its long term relationship with local companies and extensive network, Tradebrz can assist corporations to speak to C level Executives and top Governmental Officials, at Municipal, State and Federal level.


Tradebrz has successfully worked wtih presitigious multinational conglomerates.


International Trade Missions


Tradebrz has contributed to successful missions led by top government officials like Governors, Vice Governors, top educational Executives like Provosts and Deans and C level Executives.


Agencies and corporations rely 100% on Tradebrz's expertise in local logistics, security awareness, punctuality, scheduling of events and smooth and discrete flow of meetings and interviews. 


Tradebrz understands the importance of discretion and safety of  its clients and guests.


Foreign Investment Promotion


Tradebrz partners with local FDI promotion agencies and Associations of Commerce, Federations and Confederations of Industries once it understands the importance of local partnership in meetings and introductions.


Along the past 10 years, Tradebrz has worked with major billion dollar conglomerates such as Odebrecht, Embraer, Fibria, Votorantim, EMS and medium and small companies, delivering the necessary information for a smooth decision process.


Tradebrz influences the decision on where a company wants to locate and is aware that the final choice is made by the leadership based on factors not always shared with oru team. 


Tradebrz has been an expert in Foreign Investment Attraction since 2005.